Taking the long view at the ESAF Conference: Lindsay Weirich

The ESAF Conference in Williamsburg, VA, was amazing! Although the team was apprehensive about our upcoming presentation, and a little intimidated by all the scholars accumulated in one place, we trudged upstairs in the hotel to place our bags in the rooms. We all woke up super early to make it in time for the Jamestown tour on Friday. It was a magnificent site, over 400 years worth of history and culture. The triangular fort was home to English colonists and had an intense starving time when little supplies and incoming people made life horrible; some even resorted to cannibalism. But that’s not what interested me most. Being on the river and seeing what Pocahontas, Powhatan, and John Smith saw was the greatest experience.
I remember practicing a lot. We had almost perfect timing and we worked really hard to deliver the best we could. This was the first time any of us had been exposed to a conference. We spent our days in others’ presentations, and learned a lot about new methods and sites. It put the career in perspective for us; we upcoming archaeologists realized then that we would be doing these things many more times in our lives.
We scoped out the presentation room early, and Meghan joined us all in for a selection of songs to boost our confidence. Jess’s family came up to see us present and after talking with them a short while we had to start. Everyone took a deep breath and gave it their all. It could not have gone better! People came up and started talking to us about our site! You should have seen us! We were stars – -bouncing all over the place. . .I want to thank everybody, and we could not have done this without all the support we had.

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