A conference diary: Meghan Mumford

I was given the opportunity to attend the Eastern States Archaeological Federation conference with other students from the Coastal Carolina Field School over Halloween weekend. We began our journey with an interesting ride to Williamsburg Virginia that was full of both serious and lighthearted conversation. Arriving around noon, we checked into our rooms and then jumped back into the mini-van to go on a tour of the ongoing excavations in Jamestown. The tour was a perfect way to start our archaeologically filled weekend. We then went to dinner near the hotel and proceeded to have a wonderful time!
Friday we began to enjoy the various papers being presented at the meeting. There were a variety of papers, some more enjoyable than others. At the lunch break, the other students and I ventured into Colonial Williamsburg for an authentic experience of the past. We enjoyed our lunch at the King’s Tavern where a performer became very fond of the two male students with us. Lunch was delicious and the entertainment was great for us girls. We returned to the conference to enjoy more presentations until the evening. That night we ordered pizza and practiced our presentations, adding final touches until the party that the conference hosted later. The party provided an intimate setting that allowed us to meet some of the individuals within the field of archaeology. It was a great night!
The next day came early and we went to some papers before it was our turn to present. We nervously prepared for our presentations with some singing on the “mic,” before the room was filled with viewers of course. Our presentations went extremely well, and I am very proud of my fellow students and myself. After a celebratory beverage, we returned to the presentations. The evening ended with a banquet hosted by the Federation that included great food and a great guest speaker from the Smithsonian. It was another great night.
We woke up early Sunday morning and listen to a few presentations before returning to the road. The drive back was a little less energized than our drive to Virginia, but was still filled with good conversation. The overall experience was wonderful! The presentations were full of information and the opportunity to present was good experience for those of us who hope to continue on in archaeology. We owe a big thanks to Dr. Dillian for bring us to the conference with the financial support of Coastal Carolina University and for providing us with a wealth of knowledge and great company as well!

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