Final week: final presentation. Meghan Mumford.

Today was a bittersweet day. It was bitter because our wonderful field school is over, but sweet in sense of accomplishment that accompanied the conclusion. I believe I speak for my fellow classmates when I say that the experience has been an extremely rewarding one filled with newly acquired knowledge. Today we gave presentation on the individual sites that we have all worked on and it is amazing to think about all that we have experienced. You cannot put a price on hands on experiences and that has been exactly what the field school has provided.

After all nighters in the lab and a month in the woods, this team still leads the pack.

Over the course of the class we have learned how to survey, excavate, map, analyze data, and do everything in between. I believe I speak for my fellow students once again in saying we had two amazing teachers, Dr. Ward and Dr. Dillian whose knowledge and company have been wonderful. Among the great experiences, we have been given access to other great sources of knowledge within the school and surrounding communities. We are thankful for all the support and enthusiasm that has surrounded the course.

Today’s reports were the culmination of all of our hard work in the field that was carried over into countless hours of time put in at the lab. To complete our reports we had to analyze all the artifacts that we have processed and cataloged from our various sites and put them into context. The reports also included the individual histories and locations of the sites and calculated date of artifacts. The goals of our reports were to process and analyze all of the information gathered from the site that will help others and ourselves understand more about the site. Such evidence could provide information about the time period, function, occupation, and various other facts that help to identify and understand the site.

After compiling our reports we presented our results to Dr. Ward and Ben Burroughs. Having listened to all of the reports it is amazing to hear how much we have all learned and experienced throughout this process. After the presentations, it was time to say see you soon to the field school members, but not goodbye as we will all undoubtedly have at least one of the newly offered archaeology courses. Thank you all for a great experience!

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