Lab work — Lindsey Weirich

Today was the first full day of lab work. Dr. Sharon Moses came from our Archaeology Department

Nails, broken nails, iron hardware, broken glass and...peppermints fuel the activity.

to show us how to draw artifacts like the pros. Also, Mr. Jim Smith came in to show us his amazing collection of lithics from Horry and the surrounding counties. The lithics were made by Native Americans who used rocks to chip away stone and make sharp tools and weapons.

They are made from all different types of stone, but my personal favorite is rhyolite. It’s a dark color with thin white stripes, and an edge that can split a hair!

We spent the rest of our afternoon drawing and cataloging the endless amount of artifacts that we recovered from the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge and from the slave street at Brookgreen.

The field school is quickly coming to a close, but we are anxious to share everything and put together a professional report on our findings.

Some of us dream about digging.

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