Week 4, Day 5 — Andrew Rayborn

Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge.

Today was the last day we were going to do any excavations and the last day to do any work at the refuge

Finally, some bricks in a line!

because tomorrow we are going back home after packing up camp in the morning. We went straight to the site to finish any levels that we hadn’t hit and screen the soil in order to finish each individual unit.

It didn’t take long to accomplish this feat since we were mostly finished anyway. Dr. Ward and Lindsey did a shovel test our site behind our 25 square meter excavation unit and Chris and I recorded the soil profile of the units that hadn’t had one done yet. After we did that, Chris and I finished another shovel test at feature 3, north of the excavation site.

We used a rounded shovel to dig 65 centimeters, and then used that auger to continue digging down to 143 centimeters. While Chris dug,

Empty excavation units, with full bags of artifacts back in the lab for analysis.

I screened the dirt, finding only two shards of glass and the plate that was broken into three pieces that was on the surface. It started to rain then, so we all went to the lab to analyze artifacts and record our findings while waiting the storm out.

We went back to the site at about 3 o’clock to wrap up everything that we didn’t finish in the morning. We all took our last photographs of the site and prepared to backfill the screened dirt into the excavation units. Before we put the dirt back though, we placed flagging tape into plastic bottles that read, “Coastal Carolina University 2010” and put them on the bottom of each disturbed unit. This is done to show those who come back to the site

Backfilling takes a lot of collaboration and bucket passing.

to excavate that we were here and have cleared the artifacts down to the level that the bottle is on. We went ahead and filled in the units and packed up the site. Now all we have left is the packing of camp and the clean-up tomorrow when we leave.

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