Week 4, Day 3 — Julia Mills

Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge: humid, overcast

Today was the last full day of excavation on our site at the Wildlife Refuge. After lunch tomorrow, we will have to backfill our units and pack up the lab.

Excavating a unit that seems to include a border between a rubbish pit and a structure.

Everyone is working really hard to make sure our units are finished by tomorrow’s lunch break. While we were digging today, Allison, much to her dismay, uncovered a tarantula in her unit. Dr. Ward has been making sure we take plenty of water breaks now that we’re in the final stretch of the excavation. We spent all morning and afternoon digging in our units and hopefully we will all be on schedule for the site break-down tomorrow.

We spent a lot of time in the lab during the late afternoon documenting our

Processing artifacts and recording them takes far longer than excavation.

artifacts and finishing our paperwork. Dr. Ward told us the other day that the ratio between fieldwork and labwork is always at least 1:3, sometimes even 1:6! She was not wrong. Now that we’re finishing up our last week out here, we’re all beginning to realize how much really goes into an excavation after all the digging is done.

Lindsay and I stayed for dinner tonight because of all the documentation we had to do with our excavation teams. It was nice spending so much time with everybody and we got to see all the fun we’re missing by commuting. Next time it’s camping all the way!

Five super spiders of different sorts this morning, but this is the most dramatically attired.

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