Week 3, Day 4 — Allison Varriale

Today we were once again working at Brookgreen Gardens. The day started off a little bit strangely. As soon as we were all gathered in the parking lot outside the Lowcountry Center, Dr. Dillian told us that Jess was going to teach us a song and dance that he knew from being a camp counselor so that we could perform it for Dr. Ward (who was otherwise preoccupied at that moment), to entertain her… and it worked!!!! She was hysterical! It was a great way to start what would be a long, hot day.

Once we got to the site we separated into two groups, the ones who went with Dr. Dillian started excavating a 1m x 1m square at the site of one of the houses.

Many trees cover what was mostly cleared ground in the 19th century.

The other group headed by Dr. Ward got to spend their time in the woods measuring the distance between the different houses as well as the size of the houses that we found. That finished at almost the same time as Dr. Eric Wright (Chair, Marine Science Department at Coastal Carolina University) showed up with the GPR machine, but this time instead of an all seeing lawn mower it was an all seeing unicycle. We finished going over a 9mx 9m grid just as the bus arrived to take us for lunch.

The GPR (ground penetrating radar) data tell us what kind of disturbance below ground occurred.

After we got back from our lunch break some of us continued excavating, some were using the GPR, and others were in the woods again trying to find some more of the old houses. On the way back to camp after we had finished for the day some people in our party were so exhausted that they passed out in Dr. Dillian’s car, and didn’t even wake up after we were back at camp and the car had been turned off. We had some free time after we got back to camp, then it was time for dinner. After dinner the blueberries came out and someone decided it would be a good idea for us to pair up and have a blueberry toss competition. Overall it was a great day! We worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun.

The plan of this house can be seen in the outline made by the brick piers.

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