Week 3: Day 2 — Andrew Rayborn

Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

In the morning, we all woke up excited about what was going to happen today. We knew that it was our public day and that we were

Getting ready for visitors

going to show everyone what all our hard work has accomplished and how badly we need archaeologists in the Horry and Georgetown County areas.

We spent all of our morning excavating our site that we were going to show to the public. We made everything level and made sure that the walls of each of our excavation sites were straight. Basically, we made sure that our excavation site was presentable and was available for the public to come dig and screen their collected soil for any artifacts.

Our group set up the tripod screens for the public to screen soil since they are more durable and safe. While all this was going on, we decided to start excavating the other meter by meter sites for artifacts because we don’t have a lot of time to dig.

We are finding massive

History Chair Kenneth Townsend and Professor Wink Prince visited our site today.

amounts of interesting artifact pieces, like coins, buttons, beads (Chris was finding beads every five seconds today, baby-sized ones), nails, brick, glass containers, and other items of interest. Lindsey and I got sent to a distant site that’s north of the 5 meter by 5 meter site we are excavating in order to see what else we might learn from our excavation site.

A clay bead may hold clues to who lived at this site.

After lunch, the group was told to change into more presentable clothing (we were dirty from digging in the morning) due to the fact that Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts for Coastal Carolina University, Bill Richardson, the Chair for the History department for Coastal, Kenneth Townsend, another Professor for History, Dr. Prince, family members, news crews, a group of children from the YMCA, and other guests were coming to see our work.

We had Jess and Julie in the lab showing the guests collected samples of artifacts from the site and talking about what they are and how the pieces are significant, I was directing guests towards the archaeological site, and everyone one else, Megan, Chris, Allison, Lindsey, and Dr. Dillian were talking about our site and helping the guests be a part of the digging and screening. Dr. Ward was mingling with the guests. We all would switch positions every hour or so to let each of us have a chance to do different tasks. The group is very close these days and we like to share and be nice to each other. We are all very grateful for the support of the community and proud to see how much everyone cares about our work.

After everyone left, the team packed up equipment at our site because we aren’t going to be doing anymore excavating here for a few days. Also, Jess and Julie put away our artifacts from the presentation we had for the guests to see. Another day over, but we are all excited for tomorrow when we start working at Brookgreen Gardens.

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