Week 3: excavation continues. Julia Mills

Sunny, humid, partly cloudy

Today we spent all day at our site at the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge.  Each team was working hard to get their excavation units ready for Public Day tomorrow. We will definitely have some interesting artifacts to show off. If you don’t have any plans, come over and see our site at noon!

The tree roots have been giving us a run for our money! Almost every team has had to excavate and remove some big roots. It can be a very time consuming process. It’s been interesting to see the differences in our respective units as each team gets further in their excavation. The soil textures and colors can help us to unravel the mystery of what happened in this place. Dr. Dillian and Dr. Ward started to open up another unit in order to get a better idea of the soil profile and to see what kind of materials might be found at lower depths.

Unfortunately, we had to end work for the day a little early due to rain and thunder. As we all know, thunderstorms are a surefire way to get us to quit working! We made up for the lost time working in the lab and processing our artifacts. There’s a lot of documentation that goes into this after the digging is done and we have to be sure to devote some time here and there to getting the paperwork done.Dr. Dillian will be cooking authentic African food for the camp this week, which some of us are curious about and others are wary of! From what she’s told us about tonight’s African stew, it sounds good to me.

A fine, sandy, and nearly sterile layer of soil slowed the pace of excavation.

Drawing the profile of a clean wall edge is next on the skills list.

Previous survey work included shovel tests like this round hole, where archaeologists tested the stratigraphy of this part of the site.

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