The weekend…museums and a day off

The field school crew met Ashley Deming of SCIAA’s underwater archaeology unit ( at the Village Museum at McClellanville. She reviewed the laws about artifact recovery from underwater sites in South Carolina, and answered questions about the sport diver archaeology management program for the students. It was a great introduction to the question of collecting and we had some good discussions about the state policies. Thanks, Ashley!

Mr. Bud Hill gave us a personal informative (and entertaining) tour of The Village Museum near McClellanville’s town hall ( Hearing about the individual families and history of European settlement in the area, as well as the story of the Sewee people, put what we are doing at the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge  ( into context.

Lighthouse site at Cape Romain

Next we visited the Rice Museum in Georgetown, where the displays of tools and artifacts and the dioramas give a sense of what the landscape and work environment was like for the people who lived here ( We also saw the Brown’s Ferry Vessel, recovered from the Black River nearby in the 1970s, and still raising questions about the early practices of shipbuilding in the area.

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