Day 3 – Chris McHugh

Today was an excellent day for archaeology! With blue skies and a slight wind our newly formed group headed out on a new adventure, starting at the old shipyard in Conway. We began setting up the equipment like pros and soon finished and began our work in the dirt. Shortly after we were bombarded with reporters and press from the local stations and after a few interviews we began packing up to head to the Horry County Museum to learn more about the rosin and resin that we were constantly digging up from our spoil pile. We also picked up some prehistoric pottery that the museum is sharing to the school.

So after some strategic placing of cars, we were finally packed and on our way to the lab to grab our gear and head to the camp site where we will spend the next month. After we packed the camping gear and ate lunch we lined up in a row behind mother duck, (Dr.Ward’s big black truck which was aptly named Black Beauty) and followed in line to new homes. We arrived and quickly got to work picking our camping spots and setting up our tents which was found not to be as easy as we thought.

First, a certain someone decided we should take out the rakes that were buried under all our heavy equipment and in the back of the truck, to clear the gravel and debris from our site. Turns out the rakes didn’t help at all in clearing our camping sites. Second, the hard gravel paved ground proved to be impenetrable to our tent stakes; that and other faulty tent equipment problems slowed us down, but only for a short while. We were soon setting up the rest of the camp and preparing for dinner.

Luckily we got a 30 min break to go down and take a quick swim in the river to cool off and relax. After our short reprieve we came back and started on dinner, we had some delicious hot dogs and sausage accompanied with grilled corn and beans. Judging by our first day here I think everyone is in for one of the greatest experiences of their lives.

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